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Zebra Finch Tutorial2! HD

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  1. You have created a great habitat and I can tell your birds are happy! I
    feel sorry for birds that live in tiny cages all their lives. God Bless you

  2. just got a pair of zebra finches yesterday , isit normal for them to just
    sit on the same perch the whole day ? cause from what i see from videos
    they are all really active but mine just sits there , or are they just
    adapting to the new environment?

  3. They’re so cute just bopping around in their cage at the start :D

  4. Bangali ⁴44⁴

  5. I loved this! I spied my first zebra finch egg today and brought out the
    cigars! So excited! Your tutorial answered a bunch of questions!

  6. Hi Brittany….
    I have 4 pairs of zebra finches in one cage with nests but I am unable to
    make them breed, they kill the new born baby’s…. do you know how to make
    them all breed in one cage without problems???

  7. I love your bird garden♡ OMG so beautiful

  8. What kind of plants do you use the cage

  9. So, you got to have the male alone in a close by cage, and the females in a
    separate cage; Can you have a few males in one cage, and the females in a
    separate cage? What happens if you put them all together?

  10. Hi, I recently got 4 free canaries that came in the same cage you
    have…Was just wondering the price of that particular cage…great
    video…thanks. Alex

  11. Hello Brit!! Where did you bought your cage? I like the setup and the
    material its made.

  12. My zebra stole an earring from me and carried it in his nest. They do lay
    eggs daily.

  13. Hi great video loved it, if I don’t put any nest boxes in were will they
    sleep ?

  14. How many birds do you have?

  15. I bought the cage off of Amazon for $499.

  16. What kind of plants are those?

  17. Can you put 2 males together

  18. They were clipped when I bought them, I dont like it either. They eventully
    grew back and they are happy now! lol

  19. Thanks for the video! It was a big help. Thanks for explaining everything
    so clearly. I look forward to watching more of your videos.

  20. I love how they fly around outside and the cage is amazing! And the info in
    this video is correct information. Good video

  21. why are your lovebirds clipped? 🙁

  22. No problem I love doing this, Im glad I could help! I have some more videos
    comming of the newly hatched chicks (2nd clutch) they are so small and
    cute! hehe 🙂

  23. Ok thanks… I was debating between finches cockatiels or parakeets i think
    I’m leaning towards finches or parakeets lol

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