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zebra finch are loves eating egg food

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  1. ahmmm.. you mind sharing the recipe and how u made it dry?

  2. damn how many do u got? ya see i want ur life i love animals i would like
    to own a shit load of birds and have my own avery

  3. OMG there are so many!

  4. how cute! very cute

  5. I Breed zebrafinch since 6 years, so I got a lot a lot of chicks (:

  6. حلوين اوي .. سبحان الله العرب دايما بيربو كل انواع الطيور زي الكناري و
    الزيبرا ..

  7. wow you have so many!

  8. mine dont and i dont know how to make them eat it

  9. you have to get a female zebra finch cause you can’t breed zebra vs

  10. recycle.. you can MAKE finch nest boxes out of cartons, cottage cheese
    containers, and other boxes (just put some small air holes in them as well
    as the opening). cut a hole, poke a few holes, wire it up, DONE! throw
    dirty one away and put up a fresh one 😉 so much cleaner and easier.

  11. That’s why I love zebra finch 🙂 thanx Marina 4 visit

  12. it’s not hard to have a big flock. I doubled my zebra finch population in
    less than one month .. just from people not wanting the ones thay had or
    from people trading them for other finches (which happens more than you
    know!). I got up over 60 .. but I don’t have an aviary as nice as this..
    they were all in my ‘bird room’.

  13. I love how they all flew away but shortly after they came back xD

  14. Oh, btw, my zebra finch man listen at this now and he is happy now! But my
    mum us angry haha “STOP IT”! 🙂

  15. Five and a half minutes of nothing but cute birds being birds. That sure is
    a lot of finches. If I was there, I would be so tempted to make small
    beeping noises like I do for my birds to really make them talk.

  16. I’d put it on my hands and wait for them all to come :)!

  17. eggs+ dynamic protein ( a product of a Spanish company Kiki) and some
    toasted bread crumbs

  18. gee thats a lota birdz =3

  19. omg how did you get this many and how do you make yours so happy omg

  20. I never knew they love egg that much! =3

  21. they are so beautiful

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