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Whiteworms raising for tropical fish food

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  1. Hi David
    is there any method from which i can start culture without a starting

  2. What are those green “pills”???

  3. Hi David,
    I live in Duluth, GA. I want some white worms start culture, can you
    provided me some white worms?.
    Thank you

  4. Hi David, can you tell me latin name of this worms?

  5. Finger licking good! yumm!

  6. starting my culture but my worms arrived before yeast, ive put in some
    fishmeal powder from my fishing tackles baits with yogurt/ bread, its good

  7. Okay so the mold isn’t going to spoil the soil or kill the starter culture
    in the mean time then in your opinion? I have purchased another 10 cups of
    worm cultures from different vendors so kind of hoping to expedite the
    process to start getting a beautiful and heavily propagating culture like

  8. I’m a member of the So Cal Killifish Club and AKA and none of the guys are
    using them which is why I was asking. I was going to buy some for the
    guys. I don’t know if you went but just this last weekend was the SAKE
    conference in Arizona and I was hoping to find some there because Killi
    keepers bring all kinds of stuff in but nobody surprisingly brought any in.
    I brought probably the largest supply of Paramecium, Micro, Walter,
    Banana, Grindal and Venegar worms but no white worms and it would be good
    to have a larger food source than the grindals I grow. I need to get a
    good supply of white worms and daphnia going (I did get a good bag of
    daphnia at SAKE).

    Anyway, I just ordered some white worms from a guy on aquabid so hopefully
    enough arrive alive (it is cold out right now most everywhere for shipping)
    that I can begin a colony. Looks like they are very reproductive!

  9. HOBBYIST TIP: I got my “brand new” wine cooler that holds 12 bottles
    (descent size) for only $30 off of Craigslist and I see many more.

  10. By the way, do you sell the white worm cultures? I’d like to get a nice
    sized culture from you if possible? I PM’d you as well. Thanks

  11. You mention your basement is cold thus stunting shrimp growth. I have ideas
    for you to run through cost-benefit analysis. For starters, consider
    placing the air pumps in a heated room that is upstairs and near a heat
    source, and then running the air line(s) to the basement tubs. I imagine
    all the air lines could be run together through the floor (shortest route)
    via an HVAC vent perhaps. Could go a bit further by braiding the length of
    the air lines together (like braided wire). The braiding will serve heat
    retention by eliminating surface area, and ensure the tubs will be the same
    temperature. Insulating the length of the braided air lines with pipe
    insulators will better conserve the heated air now being pumped through
    them. Or, leave the lines separate so each tub has different temperatures
    and thus different growth rates.Your tubs are now heated. The other idea
    would be to plumb a 1/4″ hot water line into the hot water supply. A the
    end of this new hot water line, where your tubs will be, tree the line off
    so that each tub will have its own line. Complete by running each
    respective line inside and lengthwise along the bottom of its tub and
    capping off. Desired water temperature can be obtained by gently adjusting
    the amount of line submersion in each tub. However, each line could be
    looped back into the cold water supply as well. Using an old radiator from
    an old air conditioner, refrigerator, or similar in each tub in this loop
    system would be ideal further honoring your shrimp and fish. Considering
    you have electric near the tubs, the heating element from an old stove or
    dryer could be used in lieu of a hot water line. Using heating elements
    over hot water radiant heating is not as legendary and thus serves lesser
    achievement. If god-like shrimp mastery is sought, epic achievement can be
    had through the utilization of rabbits. That’s right, rabbits, nature’s
    fuzzy little furnaces. The basement floor area with a drain is perfect.
    Using free saw dust from your local mill as litter would be beneficial.
    Spread a one inch layer of sawdust on the floor, and sweep it up just
    before becoming saturated for an outside compost pile. Rabbits can also be
    trained to use litter boxes to keep things neater and more organized. Saw
    dust infused rabbit excrement would be an excellent compost for a vibrant
    garden and in turn creating feed for the rabbits. Organic Rabbit Compost
    Tea could be marketed to bring in steady revenue to cover start up cost
    before making potentially unlimited income. Being that a rabbit puts off
    8-40 btu/hr you will need 100 six month old rabbits (to ensure sexual
    maturity) comprised of 2 males and 98 females. This will bring up the temp
    in the basement for optimal brine shrimp conditions during winter. Once set
    up, turn the lights low and loop Fly Me to The Moon by Sinatra. Being that
    rabbits have robust reproductive rates, 2 rabbits can easily turn into 1000
    by year’s end, so we’ll base approximations from this fact. At the end of
    the first month you would have 750 rabbits. Such a historic endeavor
    requires a solid plan at this juncture. At the end of the first year as few
    as 50,000 rabbits can be had. If each rabbit were to be sold at $1, that
    would be $49,900 (minus the 100 starter rabbits). However, if these rabbits
    were kept another year for a larger investment return, one could expect to
    yield $250,000. This takes into account not every female rabbit will give
    birth every month and for litter mortality rate. Feeding a family of four
    one rabbit each per day would not affect this projected monetary figure. If
    not sold for $1 each, a high grade organic small dog food could be produced
    marketed. If 1 rabbit, at 1lb lean meat, were used per 40lb bag of dog food
    to comprise required protein content per serving (454g per bag = 15g/day
    for 30 days). If each bag sold for $30, projected annual profit would be
    approximately $1,500,000. But how in the world could 50,000 rabbits be
    housed in this operation? Funny you ask. If 8c.f. per rabbit is used, five
    tiers of stacked cages in ten 50ftx100ftx10ft pole barns all comprising
    just one acre is the answer. At 5000 fuzzy furnaces, the avg winter temp
    inside a northern operation would hover around a tolerable 40F. +20F if the
    pole barns are insulated. In a slightly larger pole barn a multi-tiered
    hydroponics system could be utilized feeding both the rabbits and your
    family in return. Your stellar self sustaining way of life can take you
    from frugal brine shrimp master to millionaire rabbit master. But why stop
    there. Spread your wings and fly, David Ramsey.

  12. Thanks great video.

  13. I’ve tried a couple of times to get a culture going but never had any
    success. I don’t know what I did wrong but every time I tried all I got was
    a handful of worms and a dreadful smelly mess.
    Any tips as to how to get it going? Thanks 

  14. I’m sold, I grow nearly all cultures but haven’t tried white worms yet.
    Looks like a great alternative to black worms. One question, what is the
    purpose of the needle mesh? Is it the same idea as using glass on my
    grindal worms to help sepperate them from the dirt? 

  15. Hi Dave,
    I don’t see mold on yours yet I get a lot of mold in my cultures. How do
    you prevent that or am I just not seeing it in yours? It makes my cultures
    look completely spoiled.

  16. how long it takes to have such a big production?

  17. Good Job David… I’ve never seen this much in any culture. I have a
    question.. How long would they survive without food? Ive never gotten any
    since I feat they’d die if I went on vacation. Any Idea on long term
    feeding? Supposedly you could keep them in a slightly cooler place but I
    have never tried so I do not know.

  18. can you feed them to angel fish

  19. p.s. What’s the best temperature range for growing cultures of white

  20. Can I feed white worms to Bettas?

  21. what type of land use to start growing?

  22. Congrats on getting them going in quantity. I split as soon as the culture
    is going strong. A crash can happen over night and all the worms are
    suddenly gone. Try to get 3-4 going, even if a couple are small containers.
    Always have a backup. David

  23. What might explain this not happening for you is the yogurt; the
    lactobacillus in that may very well be out-competing whatever bacteria
    makes them crash. Good call! Once wonders if pureed carrot might boost
    color a bit, it is almost certainly one of those things fish ingest
    indirectly in the wild that gives then greater color than tank raised fish.

  24. did you buy some white worms to start the culture?

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