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Which Rabbit Breed Is Best? | Pet Rabbits

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  1. Lol skip to 1:42! XD like this comment if you notice it

  2. I just put my 12 year old “Little Johnny” plain ol rabbit to sleep. I miss
    him following me around begging for a grahm cracker, cilantro or banana! I
    miss him so much!
    I just want to say that he was so old and had a stroke or 2..and Friday his
    back legs didnt work right. I knew it was time to say goodbye. IT WAS
    TRAUMATIC FOR HIM! Please find a vet that uses gas! I wish I had just kept
    him home as I think he would have expired on his own.
    Bunnies are awesome! They are EASILY litter trained…but MANY will be
    allergic…i wasnt…but Johnny gave kisses and WOW those spots he licked
    would ITCH! He slept in my bed when I was sad..and I cuddled him more than
    he cared for…but i would usually end up with that fine rabbit hair
    bugging my eyes!
    I also had 2 expensive accredited lop ears…they were mean boogers and
    ended up with health problems.
    So PLEASE think before buying! Make sure you have a good small animal vet
    and spend some time w rabbits before you decide to have one for a pet. As
    always…make sure you have the time to love the little guy.

  3. Having kept many different rabbits over the years, we discovered the
    rabbits with the best personalities were the big, “plain” rabbits, such as
    the white, pink eyed one in your video. Dutch rabbits were also one of the
    friendliest breeds. We had no luck with the dwarf, lop eared rabbits. They
    were by and large, lacking in personality, and some were down right mean.
    We had a little grey dwarf, who would just as soon attack you, as look at
    you. We found the males usually, not always, had better personalities than
    the females. We also noticed the females would often try to run away, if
    they could. The males would hang around, when you let them out, and usually
    not go very far.

  4. The one on the very right is like NOPE NOPE NOPE

  5. i am really enjoying all these rabbits sitting together at the same time 

  6. Notice how the New Zealand White just stole the show?

  7. I completely agree with choosing a bun based on personality. We originally
    wanted to get a Flemish Giant because they looked so cool and big. But then
    we sat amongst a group of rabbits at an adoption event, and this scruffy
    looking skinny brown rabbit kept coming up to us and licking our knees. He
    kept putting his paws on us and looking at us. Even though the little kids
    called this rabbit “ugly looking”, he won our hearts over and we ended up
    adopting him instead. Almost five years later, we never regret our
    decision. He has such an amazing personality and is part of our family. He
    also shed his so-called “ugly” coat and is a beautiful velvety brown bun
    bun, by the way, with proper love and care! We also got him a bun-wife, who
    we also rescued. Chosen based on her lovely personality, too :-)

  8. So did anyone notice the rabbits trying to mate then she threw the male to
    the side and try to play it off like nothing happened?

  9. Aaaw… lap rabbits are so cute but I have a polish rabbit, he’s still very

  10. 1:43 Coitus interruptus. 

  11. I had a California White for almost three (3) years, and She was the love
    of my life! We lived in a very quiet environment and then when forced to
    move into a more “active/noisy” location, She couldn’t adjust. She
    demonstrated signs of extraordinary stress, and I had never owned a rabbits
    before, and as hard as it was to make a decision, my decision was that She
    be placed with professionals for perpetual care. I hope this NEVER happens
    to anyone, because I truly miss her!

  12. I have three lops, three Californians and a new Zealand, they all have very
    different personalities… Id probably say that my oldest lop is the
    sweetest (it’s a girl) the Californians are an all around nice rabbit…
    the new Zealand is a 2 month old boy and he’s not very nice.. I got him
    from a breeder than most likely was going to eat him and all of his
    brothers and sisters so he wasn’t treated very well, but I think we can fix

  13. “Look at all the hair flying in the air” totally ruined my chances of
    persuading my parents to get me a pet rabbit. Goody.

  14. I had a Netherland Dwarf rabbit for 9 years she was my best friend after
    her passing I immediately went and adopted a new bunny now I have a mixed
    breed Harlequin rabbit. I know the personality traits I look for in a bunny
    and that’s the only thing that I care about so whenever I adopt a rabbit I
    go and find the most timid and relaxed bunny that loves to be picked up and
    cuddled :-)

  15. Thanx but I bought 2 male rabbits from Gumtree she said they were both
    males but after 3-4 months he was trying to breed him is this normal but
    they have stopped now

  16. I have only 1 rabbit and her name is mimi

  17. My favorite rabbit breed is cute, fluffy and loving!!!! (which is like all
    of them 🙂 )

  18. Oh my goodness, all those bunny noses at once! Too cute ^_^

  19. Do you have to be a certain age to adopt a rabbit

  20. Can u breed a dwarf lion head with a dwarf bunny


  22. rabbits eat their own poop. btw..

  23. Each rabbit has there own personality some breeds are better than others
    Dutch was a good one but i have also have had a lop an with great
    personality’s was you should do is neuter/spay them it helps with her
    moodiness but they are like humans you can not just look up what a rabbit
    is like because every one is different

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