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When the dog stays at home alone / Пока никто не видит

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  1. Простите, конечно же “никого”, в 4 утра и не такое напишешь)

  2. Кошак был в тихом выражусь культурней шоке)))

  3. The Benny Hill music is perfect.

  4. Lol The cats like “dafq?!”

  5. Dogs not allowed on the bed but the cat is? Messed up lol

  6. #ржу Думаете у вас по другому??? ага… щаз!)))

  7. Псу запрещено лежать на диване….

  8. *This Naughty Dog Shouldn’t Be Left Alone.*

    This dog is expressly forbidden to get on the bed. He’s a good dog, so he
    doesn’t… at least not until his owner leaves the house. Then he does
    something a little different.

  9. If the time you leave the house is the time your dog gets to finally feel
    good, you’re doing something wrong!

  10. Dogs are native to that Americas. Cats are an invasive species that were
    brought by Europeans. Cats kill BILLIONS of song birds each year and spread
    a dangerous parasite, toxoplasmosis, with is linked to mental illness.
    Previously it was thought that only infants were susceptible but recent
    studies have shown that forty percent of humans have caught the parasite
    from cats and one percent of those have to do parasite related mental
    illness. This cat parasite lays larva in the brain. So if you insist on
    having one of these beasts then surely have it neutered and in a generation
    the problem will be solved

    I agree with Aaron that it is totally unfair for the dog to be denied
    equality with the cat but far more important are the health risks posed by

    Furthermore the myth that cats are clean is broken once you smell cat urine
    or cat shit., far fouler than anything from a dog and a vector for
    dangerous disease.

  11. Ha i love it how the cats allowed on the bed but the dog isn’t and when the
    dog goes up on the bed the cat just stares at him like he’s a lunatic!

  12. hhhhhhh unexpected one
    very funny

  13. When the dog stays at home alone / Пока никто не видит:

  14. This dog is not allowed on the bed. So it;s owner installed a camera to
    check what happiness when the dog stays home alone.

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