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Westie puppy -10 weeks – cute tricks clicker training – West Highland White Terrier -Rose Marie

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  1. Wonderful. Can I ask what kind of treats you use in Rose’ training?

  2. hi what was the clicking sound u used and why?

  3. was it hard to train her?

  4. Yes – yesterday was her 2 year birthday, got her a new pink collar and new
    bells for her to ring at the door and a gold fish tug toy.

  5. cool i love him i love so much he has like my dog

  6. Lol I genuinely love these dogs soooo much!!!

  7. Great Job !!! I have two westies a bit older we also do freestyle =)

  8. wow she’s really beauty, infinitely beauty!

  9. u r a good trainer! u seem to never run out of treats though?? she would
    make a great playmate for my Brickart! so cute she is!

  10. so cute! my 15 year old westie died two days ago. we found a puppy and we
    are getting her wednesday. shes 10 weeks old and i was wondering what 10
    week old puppies look like. ive never had a puppy before, so she is so cute
    and smart too!

  11. AWW!! SHE LOOKS LIKE MY MADISON!! =] the only problem i have is that she
    dont like to pay attention..and shes very aggressive… how can i break

  12. My westie is 10 weeks and is inclined to run when I leave him outside any

  13. how did you learn her the speak and sad command? please answer me i want to
    use it 🙂 your westie is so cute

  14. what a great cute dog

  15. wow my westie is 10 weeks and he doesn’t look that big.. maybe mine is
    small or your could be big??

  16. I started teaching her at 8 weeks. She learns very quickly, with just a
    couple short sessions and she has the trick down! When I taught the things
    on this video she learned a new trick about every day. Each time I work
    with her I go over all the tricks to refresh her memory, takes about 5
    minutes, then stop the training session. Then a little later I will work on
    a new trick.

  17. Beautiful little Westie! Smart as whips they are. My little Girl is 9 and
    everyone thinks she is a puppy with her antics but she is a big girl and I
    love her every moment of the day.

  18. Haha shut the door, too funny.

  19. how often did you teach her new tricks? where did you learn how to teach
    her those tricks…sry for all the questions im just amazed. westies are
    very smart so far mine can sit, lay down and shake. and he’s learning fast.

  20. THAT IS ADORABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I’m gonna get a West Highland white terrier too! They’re super cute and

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