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  1. Remind me to never ask for a cup of water at your house! Lol

  2. beautifully kept tank

  3. nice angelfish! how many angelfish do you have? Four ? what size is your

  4. nice i feed my neons corys and a rainbow frozen brine shrimp they love it
    how big ur tank?

  5. Just thought I’d add you can also buy them frozen. 🙂 ~ Nice tank! Your
    Angel Fish are beautiful! I really want to start a tank again. =P

  6. They should be available to buy from most Aquatic stores. They also do live
    Bloodworm and Daphnia as well. My fish love it, but only as an occasional

  7. do you have any trouble when the fish breed? Or do the other fish eat the
    eggs/fry before they mature to add to the population of the tank?

  8. i love ur tank but i think a red tailed shark would go nicely with ur fish
    lol ang are angle fish a hardy fish

  9. Cheers. It’s just over 4ft. 260 litres, 75 gallons.

  10. very cool vid, can i ask what type of plants do you have in there?

  11. I bought them from my local Maidenhead Aquatics.

  12. holy cow that’s a lot of shrimp. i know each is about 33 cents but god how
    much does a single feeding of shrimp cost?!?!

  13. Thanks. I don’t know the names of all of them, but the big ones in the back
    that the angel’s lay on are Amazon Swords. We’ve got Reeds and a lot of
    floating plants. I think they are all readily available from aquatic stores.

  14. this is just my thinking, what doesnt get eaten, will fertilize those

  15. oh and in several of your other videos i noticed there were blue floating
    things on the surface of the water – what are those?

  16. @AFlyingBeagle127 those are cardinal tetras

  17. Cheers. No there’s only 1 Platy giving birth. She had 3 babies. If things
    get too much we usually give the males to friends. Platy’s sadly are not
    long lived, usually only live for a year and a half. Also, good on ya for
    doing the fishless cycle. I know it’s boring right now but will be worth
    it. I cycled this tank (fishless) for 6 weeks. Used cucumber as an ammonia
    source. Worked out great.

  18. well, since all of the Platy’s survive, wont that increase your tank
    population exponentially? btw, thats a great tank setup…..wish i had the
    artistic mind to make it look that great, just started a 29g myself and
    still waiting on the boring fishless cycle with ammonia…

  19. Did you get the cardinal tetras or the angelfish first

  20. Thanks. Yes Angels are very hardy once they reach adulthood. They can be
    very delicate though when juveniles.

  21. The only ones that are breeding are the Angels and Platy’s. All the platys
    have survived. With the angel fry they all get eaten, even by the parents.
    We’ve asked around and on one is interested in buying angels from us so we
    let them get on with what they do. Otherwise we would be left with hundreds
    of fish. Thanks.

  22. very pretty tank. Love your platies.

  23. We got the cardinals tetras first, always get like Angels/Discus last.

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