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Summer Themed Hamster Cage Tours!

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  1. Nics Animals101 – The Alexander Hamster Cage

  2. Ooh yay a new kucky hams that all i can say they are living the
    high life for sure, adore both of these cages, so bright and summery 😀 x

  3. Sparkle Hamsters – I know hamsters need wheels, at this time I only
    recently got Nutmeg and I ordered her a wheel so I was waiting for it to

  4. Where’d you get it? And how much was it? :)

  5. PETTYPETPETS – Which cage? I show both :)

  6. I know what the pink and white box had in it 😉 we got them at my school
    too 🙂 xxx

  7. Tip: Do not Frustrate hamsters on the court is to big for them steres. New
    smells 🙁 worms.

  8. Kitty Cav – Aw Cute :)

  9. I am the 17th to watch this

  10. Where did you get the lion that was in netmag’s cage?

  11. Where is Nutmegs cage from? 

  12. Where are their cages from?? Please reply, I really need to get my hamsters
    new cages!!:) x 

  13. Amazing cage tour! So colourful and Summery! Lovely editing too! 

  14. Sparkle Hamsters – Because the second level doesn’t need bedding, but the
    main base does which is most important. Plus the bedding would just fall
    straight through the bars if i attempted to cover it with bedding. 

  15. Aw I LOVE the cage setups, looks super fun for them! Great video really
    enjoyed it!!
    Amazing video as always!! <3 

  16. Awww nutmeg is soo cute! Could you do a room tour?

  17. I love your videos they are so educational this one is amazing! I have 1
    hamster and I need a new cage and I prefer bin cage can you make a video on
    how to make a bin cage please?

  18. Awesome cage tours! Very summery and cute!

  19. Your pets are super lucky, what lovey cage themes 

  20. What is the second blue cage called? x

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