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SAVORY CHICKEN DOG DINNER- DIY Dog Food – a tutorial by Cooking For Dogs

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  1. great recipes. Thank You. Once you removed from freezer do you feed it to
    the frozen or defrost it?

  2. Corn is a BIG time allergen… 

  3. Maybe it’s for me. 🙂 I can make it for me! and also how much did Roland

  4. Another subject is dog allergies – if your pup suffers from food allergies
    and corn is a food he cannot tolerate then leave it out of your pups diet.
    Get him tested & take advice from your vet. 

  5. Fresh corn kernels are good for your dog. Corn on the cob however can cause
    problems if a dog eats the cob itself. Dried corn found in most dry pet
    foods/kibble has recently been discovered to contain mold spores which is
    linked to many health problems including some dog cancers. Preservatives
    are usually the culprit. That’s why we prefer to cook nutritious home made
    dog food for our pups. 

  6. Pumpkin is a fantastic food for your pup! Its good for both diarrhea and
    constipation and has a sweet flavor your pup will love. Try this Savory
    Pumpkin & Chicken dinner – it’s a winner!

  7. Could you eat this?

  8. This dish looks yummy enough for human consumption! My dogs will be over
    the moon for it!!

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