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Saltwater fish tank reef aquarium MyReefLiving ( Ben 200 Gallon Super Efficient SPS Dominated )

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  1. Hi tony .. What the light schedule ?

  2. The skimmer box creates a weird break visually. I thought you had painted
    the back like that at first. Not a bad setup otherwise.

  3. Ben’s Tank. 🙂 Great guy. He goes by Diesel on

  4. Great looking aquarium.

  5. I think I just had an orgasm oh my god this is the tank this is I cannot
    explain I want to swim in this tank how much does it cost electricity a

  6. This tank is a nice clean setup!

  7. I swear I need to start selling saltwater fish. I catch those kind of fish
    all the time.

  8. Thats a beautiful tank man happy reefing

  9. I wish I never left this hobby 10 years ago. Miss the heck out off it.
    Already planning my next tank. A lot of new equipment out there. Can’t wait
    to learn it and refresh my memory once again. This is an amazing tank bro.
    Thanks for sharing! 

  10. Your SPS corals have gone from 1″ to 1.5″. Not surprising considering you
    are using LEDs.

    Its a nice looking tank, but considering you spent about $3,000 on lighting
    when you could have gotten better for less than $1,000 and had much better
    coral growth, I’m not impressed.

    Trust me – after using LEDs, metal halides are way better for SPS. 

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  12. Those fish are pretty common. There is almost no surface agitation I
    wouldn’t rate this tank highly. 

  13. When I’m older I’m going to buy or make a huge fish tank 🙂 your tank looks
    really great thanks for sharing:)

  14. So beautiful! A must watch video. One of the most stunning reefs I’ve ever

  15. wow wow wow so nice

  16. Ok guys little update as we closing in on 150.000 views almost.
    This tank under went a lot of changes since August.
    First we had a small hiccup as I lost close to $15.000 in SPS, as result I
    cleaned up the entire tank. Nuked all rock and rebuild, installed a new
    bigger custom sump from BAO. Trashed the GHL dosing system and went with a
    GEO 618 calcium reactor. Also took down the Radion Pro’s and replace for
    the ATI flagship 60″ of 8 T5’s with LED’s.
    Not to long added the new Maxspect Gyre FX-150 to replace all 5 MP40’s.
    Tank is still young but after the holidays I promise that Tony will shoot a
    new Vid as update. mean while lets shoot for the 150.000 and all have a
    great blessed Christmas.

  17. beautiful tank. love it.

  18. I picked up some frags from Ben before, his tank is truly inspirational.
    I’m really loving that ricordea rock too. 

  19. Amazing reef…..beautiful….

  20. dude i just started men i am very jalousie of you tank men its a awesome
    tank and very nice fish respect 

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