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P&P Tropical Fish – Beautiful Salt Water Fish Tank Marine Aquarium with Live Rock

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  1. these are definitely saltwater fish

  2. Nice tank William, what make of tank is this?
    Regarding the noise is that your weir or your hang on filter
    if it’s got one. Apart from that your corals and fish seem happy.

  3. it is noisy but the corals look beautiful.

  4. Dela Harvey – these are definately salt water/marine fish.
    You cannot put tropical fish with Marines. Tropical fish live in rivers
    Marine fish live in the sea. Lesson learnt?

  5. how to feeding tham

  6. is a bit boring ….tank looks good 

  7. hey there great video, if you would please check out my channel and maybe
    leave a like or two :)

  8. are these tropical fish in a salt water tank, I’am confuse because I have a
    60 gallon tank and I have tropical fish and no tropical fish and salt
    watger fish can live in the same astmosphere.

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