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OFFICIAL “Hamster Room” Tour

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  1. umm how much did the cage cost?!?!?! i would have to do A LOT of chores

  2. i know this video is old but should i get a hamster or a guinea pig?

  3. Why you are so slim? You on a diet or sport?) 

  4. Can Mices also live in an ovo?

  5. how does he go up and down the tubes

  6. I’ve never seen a hamster mansion before, that’s pretty awesome.

  7. omg…that’s an awesome cage…and yea it’s too big for that lil guy…

  8. I like your videos and I am a subscriber, can I add you as friends on
    Hamster Hideout Forum?

  9. Wow! Amazing! Do the hamsters ever get lost?! o:

    I have rats and I’ve always wanted to give them their own room and do
    something like this for them but I don’t have the time, money, or room. ):
    I honestly makes me really sad because they really deserve a great set up,
    but for now I guess they’ll just continue to enjoy open play in my bedroom.
    Oh, that and I’ve never been able to find rat sized connecting tubes like
    this! Hamster tubes are like half the size that the rats would need. I know
    they’d use them because I’ve made sort of one out of large hand towel tubes
    (cardboard) but of course that is flimsy and gets chewed up.

  10. Oh my gosh… your hamster cage(cages) are absolutely amazing. I love them
    and I bet your hamsters do to! ^_^

  11. Wow, dream cage. So much space! Its awesome!

  12. What are hamsters i can put together like is it okay to have only one

  13. Your room looks really awesome!

  14. I got a hamster today!! 

  15. What is the name of that hamster house and were did you get that from 

  16. Great video keep posting :)

  17. if you have extra stuff i am getting a hamster but im really poor so i cant
    pay for alot of stuff also i have to pay for the hamster and im 10 and i
    have a ? how much does a cage coast?

  18. +HoppingHammy i went to pet smart today and i asked a lady what was better
    the 20 gallon fish tank or the normal hamster cages she said the normal
    hamster cage because it has bars and bars help to have more ventilation.
    but i dont want a small cage i want a big one to make my hamster happy plus
    i dont want her to start bar chewing please help me ps i love your vids! 

  19. you are one happy person im the same way keep on the happiness keep calm
    and be happy

  20. It is so great to see that there are people like you who treat your little
    guys like kings and queens. They deserve that! They really do. We do the
    same with our birds. They get best of what we can afford, make them toys,
    treats and let them fly like they are naturally born to do. All I can say
    is “Thank you” for being a wonderful pet owner!!

  21. Awww! How cute I bet the hamster LOVES It! 

  22. AMAZING! WOW! 🙂 Your hamster must be happy!

  23. you should get more than one hamster! thats way too big for one little guy

  24. caramba a gaiola é grande em

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