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Make Your Own Easy Dog Food! By GlamourHippie’s Puppy

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  1. Hi! I really like your video. I like to try it. But is it okay if i don’t
    put any brewer’s yeast powder in the mixture?

  2. You’re worried about what your dog eats but even the longest lived dogs
    don’t reach 20 years…thats not enough time for it to matter too much what
    they eat. More important is how much exercise they get.

  3. Well since garlic is bad for dogs I’ll just cut that out. Anyways thank you
    for telling me how to make my own dog food! I will definitely start doing
    this if it will help keep my dog healthy. 

  4. You should really cook the meat first. Raw meat is not good for a dogs.

  5. Garlic is not good for dogs 

  6. garlic is actually bad for dogs

  7. Hey don’t u know garlic is toxic to dogs

  8. You could kill your dog by feeding them garlic

  9. Garlic is bad for dogs

  10. You are so good at making dog food Jesse

  11. U can kill ur dog by feeding them garlick. 

  12. Hi Jesse!
    Just found your channel on my search to make search to make my own dog food!
    I am getting an 8 week old Samoyed pup tomorrow and wanting to make sure my
    food will fulfill his nutritional needs! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, I found your video really informative! I had no idea
    that was what ‘meat product’ actually was – where did you come across that

  13. I feed my Aussies raw food all the time but have never given them garlic.
    How much garlic do you give per dog per day?

  14. I give her kudos for switching to a raw diet for her pets,but commercial
    ground beef is not recommended in raw feeding.Greater risk of
    contamination.Better to buy whole pieces of meat and grind it yourself if
    the dog has issues with chewing meat/bone.Otherwise leave it whole.

  15. u look sooooo beautiful is thear any chance to know u more plz

  16. Sorry not trying to be mean but yeast is not good for dogs so be careful

  17. 88% puppy owners poisoning her puppy slowly and gradually every day? You
    might be one?

  18. chicken meat good for dog?

  19. garlic is poisonous to dogs…. 

  20. Our dog died after it got hold of mincemeat from the counter so I would
    never recommend this to any pet owner. The vet confirmed to us that beef is
    the worse thing for dogs.

  21. Garlic is poisonous to dogs

  22. And raw beef is bad to

  23. Thumbs up for homemade dog food! 

  24. Are you married????

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