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How To Make HEALTHY Homemade Bird Treats! (All birds!)

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  1. this is great! Is there anything that can be used instead of honey? I just
    read one comment and it says they can get a pouch infection for honey. I
    just want to be safe:) this video was great! Can
    you PLEASE post more videos on birds?

  2. Does it matter if u don’t have millet?

  3. I don’t have honey. What else can I use

  4. U live in sweden ?

  5. Honey is not good for budgies! And maybe other birds

  6. How is that healthy for them? Get them avicake, very healthy treat for

  7. I heard that birds could not eat sticky substances, or is that only for
    hamsters ( sorry I get mixed up sometimes) like can they eat peanut butter
    or honey?

  8. Are you Swedish? I saw that you had liquid honey. c:

  9. waw thanks i hope my cockatiels love them 

  10. mine turned out great thx for making the recipe x

  11. Excellent! Thank you very much. I wanted to know how to do this for some
    time but couldn’t figure out what the stores used to stick the seeds
    together that was so hard (like the seeds were glued together). Never
    occurred to me to bake it. Silly me. 

  12. For how long need to stay in the oven the seed balls 

  13. You said tees pion of water but it said tablespoon 

  14. can my cockatel have it

  15. do you have to have millet in it

  16. I thought oats were bad for them?

  17. +AnimalxArtz Hey, Great video check out my channle

  18. Thats actually probably good for humans as well! lol

  19. Thanx a lot for the recipe, my cockatiels are going crazy about these

    My adjustment: 180 °C seems to be too hot, the seeds are roasted then… I
    reduced the temperature to just a bit over 100 °C, so they’re not backed,
    more likely dried in oven. Cooking time is experimental, depends on size of
    ‘cookies’ and form, I prefer longer cylindrical rolls instead of balls.
    Cooking is done once they’re no longer soft, but not yet start to brown
    (check the bottom side!).

    Another correction to the recipe: I reduced amount of honey, added chopped
    dandelion stalks (the more ‘milk’ they contain, the better is the result,
    goddamn bitter, but for cockatiels usually bitter taste works like a drug,
    sweetness is not so important), replaced plain flour with wholemeal spelt
    flour and added hemp seed to the mixture.

  20. are the millets required

  21. Thank u for dis recipe!! I hope my birds love it

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