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How to Keep a Cat From Unraveling Toilet Paper : Cat Care Tips

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  1. Please enlighten me with some toy that “simulates the rolling of a toilet
    paper roll”

  2. cat’s litter box is in there.. anyone know where I can get a guard?

  3. Pointless video. The tip is to close the door? Seriously?

  4. The best way is to tuck the end of the toilet paper into the middle of the
    roll. You don’t have to switch the roll every time and there is nothing to

  5. @ 0:38. No sh!t Sherlock

  6. I got the solution!: Buy a hammer, and have at it. Then eat it off the wall
    with a spoon. Or a fork, your call.

  7. Why am i still subscribed to this…

  8. Is that how you use a book? Boy, have I been doing it wrong… =

  9. get a clue…some people are just a waste!!!

  10. A toilet paper protector can also work.

  11. The first thing I though of was to put the roll on so it hangs from the
    back, not the front. That way if a cat plays with it, it will wrap up, and
    not down.

  12. Are you fucking serious?

  13. Simply turn the roll around so that the hanging tissue is facing the wall.
    They can’t unroll it that way.

  14. I have a better tip, inside the hole of the roll, put some catnip and it
    solves it.

  15. Soooo what did we learn here? That to stop a cat from playing with toilet
    paper, just shut the door?? I was waiting for her to spread the nifty
    knowledge of reversing how the paper rolls!!! 1:38 to tell us to shut the
    door?! Come on!

  16. How about close the fucking bathroom door

  17. I swear expert village just upload anything just for their upload count.

  18. Do a tutorial on “How to peel a banana”, im still having a tough time
    trying to get that fucking peel off, Hurry!!

  19. Yeah, i never knew what books were used for before he told me, but i cant
    seem to find the right technique..

  20. Great Idea! got a tip from a friend to use a book, didnt work as well as i

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