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How to Groom your Rabbit – Teeny’s Tips

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  1. Shhhhh! Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m gwooming wabbits

  2. My rabbit would never let me put her in any of these positions

  3. NEVER EVER put a rabbit on it’s back EVER


  5. Hey guys I have a question about my bunny.. I actually have an American
    Fuzzy Lop (the one with the ears down) but it’s literally so hairy 🙁 …
    Is there any way to cut part of its hair or it’s not a good idea?? Please
    let me know 🙁 

  6. If i was a rabbit i would want ou to be my mommy!! ;)

  7. *sigh*
    Though it is true that you should not put a rabbit on it’s back because
    they most often will freeze in a state of fear, there are also times where
    a rabbit trusts its owner, and will relax. In the video, the rabbit is
    clearly okay with being on its back, so there is no need for everyone to be
    squealing about this.

  8. A Rabbit should NEVER be on it’s back…
    They are prey animals and get are defenceless on their back, they are so
    petrified they go paralyzed

  9. They don’t like to be put on their backs!!!!! It puts them in a traumatic

  10. She’s doing right; supporting the bunny in this position is very important.

    The reason it’s not good to force a rabbit in this position and give them
    time to trust is that; Rabbits have very weak stomach muscles. When they
    are placed on their back, their stomach changes position much like ours and
    puts significant pressure on their little heart thus reducing their heart’s
    efficiency to pump. Their brain receives less oxygen and they slip into a
    trance. They are not really sleeping, rather in borderline shock. It is
    safe and relaxing for them provided they know you are there and they trust
    you. You need to reinforce this trust by providing constant support. It may
    take some time, but let them develop that trust at their rate.

    It’s very important to support them when in this prone position, so that
    when they wake up, they do not snap their spine and/or receive back damage
    from panicking.
    Mature rabbits will learn this position to be very relaxing after someone
    helping them with it. But young will not and are very fragile.

    Wild rabbits develop the use of this skill not for relaxing as they rarely
    can, but to hide from their predators. They use it to “Play Dead.” Most if
    not all predators will not eat an already dead animal.

  11. Plus, apart from the dry food, I also feed my American Fuzzy Lop bunny
    lettuce. It seems like it really likes it. Basically it loves it. Is it ok
    to feed it lettuce? Or only dry food? 

  12. you guys need too check your info putting a bunny on its back dose not
    course paralysis it is a instinctive reaction that is designed to play dead
    if caught by a predator their heart beat pulse all drops slightly and the
    appear to be paralyzed no harm is happening too the bunny no intense
    feeling of fear as stated below the bunny is actually more relaxed then
    ever before ! 

  13. Teeny my rabbit will not ever let me trance her i do not know how Im going
    to do all this what should i do

  14. I’m trying to post videos of flassy may ( my bunny )

  15. When you put yournrabbit on its back its in a state of fear and it gets so
    scared it freezes stiff coz the belly is the most vonrable area so dont do
    it often

  16. I never cease to be amazed at how many people on pet videos are “experts,”
    about each and every rabbit. For those who have lived with rabbits, most
    will tell you they are afraid to post any exception about their individual
    rabbit on YouTube because somewhere out there, there will be someone who
    knows more than they do, despite the individual rabbit’s circumstance. 

  17. Sorry, I did not mean on videos, I meant in the comment section. 

  18. People on here seem like they are veterinarian themselves
    The beautiful rabbit is fine hes alive and appears healthy :)

  19. I really like your videos but don’t lay your rabbit down on it’s back they
    are playing dead when they stay still and it can really scare them my vet

  20. wow i just learnt so much

  21. why is the rabbit just on it’s back like that..

  22. Instead of arguing about if putting your rabbit on its back is healthy or
    not & agree ALL BUNNIES ARE DIFFERENT. I spoke to a vet technician & she
    works with many bunnies. Its perfectly healthy, however not all rabbits
    will be able to do that or like it. This constant arguing is unnecessary. 

  23. Super distracted by the pretty

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