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How To Get Fish For A Coldwater Fish Tank

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  1. Those “round bodied” gold fish look like weird mutations to me, not like
    healthy fish.

  2. this video does not show me a beautiful fish (like I have in my warmwater
    tanks) to convince me to start a coldwater tank. I’ll have to search

  3. haha the ending was slightly unexpected “DONE” XD

  4. koi are of carp family and goldfish r too bitch

  5. @codgod58 Agreed +1

  6. My favourite part (and only good part) of this video was 0:26

  7. How to get fish? Step 1: Walk to the store Step 2: buy fish Done!

  8. I love angel fish,and I’ve had quite a few beta’s,but my cats always killed
    them. The only reason I could stand to watch this video was because of the
    narrator’s accent.

  9. goldfish and comets are a type of koi

  10. Ah, now I remembered! I’m going to buy me a salt water fish tank now,
    because they have apparently become a lot easier to manage than they used
    to be! Great, then I’ll have something to do for a while now!

  11. step one you will need common sense

  12. Seriously? Why am I subscribed any more?

  13. I saw a shop selling freshwater salamanders for your cold water tank!

  14. I know Koi are carp, and the way you type, makes you look really dumb. And
    calling me a B*tch, is even worse. Go back to Grade School, and then finish
    Middle School

  15. i herd the first person to comment has a small dick

  16. buble eyes aren’t those

  17. You are an idiot. Koi are the japanese fish with barbels, like catfish. Now
    be an ignoramus somewhere else


  19. whats the little white thing like an eil plz tell me as soon as possible

  20. @icebluemusic89 I don’t know, but according to your subscriptions, you are
    currently still subscribed

  21. Egg cells are held in the Ovary. They are probably unfertilized.

  22. pshh i had thousands and thousands of common goldfish. we called them
    feeder fish for our pirahnas

  23. can you tell me if this is possible…… my shubunkin goldfish is just
    about near 2 inch in exemption of the tail, she has no scale and so is
    transparent i can see totally her internal organs and her eyes are pure
    black, i see inside her plenty of eggs, and those 3 inch and 2 inch males
    do have white spots on their gills and chase her a month ago, i just
    couldn’t believe that my little baby fish is really pregnant .. is that
    possible??? that a 1 1/2 inch will be pregnant at a young age?

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