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HOW TO: DIY Aquarium Water Conditioner

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  1. Thanks so much for smashing that THUMBS UP!! DIY WATER CONDITIONER!!!

  2. Great video….very good for all hobbyists

  3. Those water jugs are awesome. I used them for years. Awesome for
    transporting fish because you can drain out the poo, awesome to administer
    medication or chemical in drip dosage. I can raise lever with object high
    enough to get drip levels i need…awesome overall for minor water top
    offs. These days i use 2.5 gallon version. 

  4. Aqua power.

    Nice job. 

  5. lol you’re energetic. Your video was fun to watch. 🙂
    For chloramine, use 2x the volume of thiosulfate working solution (your
    “cool jug”) you’d use for chlorine.

  6. with you we never know…, do you realy min it or you are just kiding

  7. Where do you get that thiosulfate from i live in the United Kingdom would I
    get from my chemist / drug store you call it 

  8. Hi !
    If the mixture is also suitable for shrimp?
    Greetings from Germany

  9. Fired Up!!! Aquapower!!!

  10. You’re a smart ass lol.. Great videos.

  11. Aquapower !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. cool but unfortunately my one i have to get water conditoner from fish shop
    as i got metals and cloramine in my tap water as i use boiler water for hot

  13. I enjoy your sense of humor haha. 

  14. is that safe for goldfish??

  15. you’re probably the most entertaining youtuber i’ve ever watched

  16. 2:37 lol had me laughing my ass off!

  17. You are Aqua-man that has aquapower…

  18. thank you man.
    is it reef safe?

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