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HOW TO: DIY aquarium heater and dehumidifier

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  1. Either it doesn’t work for me or I missed sthg. Calcium Chloride is
    different from Kalium Chloride? And I need the first one?

  2. This is super handy. I’ve been struggling with humidity, even without an
    aquarium with all the other halfs continuous showering! I’m gonna build a
    load. Thanks!

  3. WOW!!! (Y) So cool! Thanks a lot!

  4. Science…gotta love it, great video, I’m going to try the dehumidifier for
    sure Thanks!

  5. Are the parts by weight or by volume?

  6. Joey that was awesome!

  7. fricken wow, dude

  8. awesome video and informative

  9. Interesting concept, always knew it heated up, but didn’t think about the
    bottle, great idea, good stuff as always

  10. Nice video! Think I am going to build myself a small plywood aquarium as I
    have loads of it lying around. I’ll use an acrylic window on the front,
    guess the capacity will be around 50 – 70 litres, and it’ll be low profile
    as it can fit on my rather large shelf. Do you think that, with a wooden
    frame of course, that 1/4 inch ply will suffice?? I also have some
    fibreglass lying around too which I can support the corners with.

  11. Could this idea be upscaled and used to control humidity within a fish room
    containing 50 tanks do you think?

  12. Have look into these two, especially the dehumitier. Just uploaded a DIY
    video, check it out and appreciate the feedback. Fired Up!!!

  13. Great video Joey.I luv the science behind it all. Thanks for sharing ! ! !

  14. Wow dude like I hope you don’t have any aspirations for like ruling the

  15. Wow…perfect double trick video!!! Thnx!

  16. That was very Cool. Keep up the great ideas Joey!

  17. Love this channel, really helpful, one question, is everything you make for
    freshwater or salt? 

  18. Great video. I live in Michigan, so I’m always worried about the
    electricity going out in the winter and me losing the ability to heat my
    tank… This will help. Thank you for the video. :)

  19. Hi joey huge fan I was wondering if you have ever thought of making a video
    of all your aquariums. Just thought it may be a cool idea for a video

  20. You are the new maguyver lol great vid

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