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How to Breed Parakeets – Budgies

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  1. my parakeet laid 16 EGGS

  2. good vid but why is there a pic of 2 lovebirds before you click le video

  3. This is an excellent video, thank you!!

  4. Yay my male budgie was on top of the female bird moving then after few
    second the female moved away I was wondering if I need a bird best to let
    them breed or just a cage

  5. I lost it when she said cock

  6. Should all adult female have brown cere?

  7. I have two birds. A boy and girl. I think the girl is “pregnant”. She is a
    lot fatter than she was when i purchased her (about a month ago). They were
    already a couple when i got them. The girl usually doesn’t bite me but she
    bites me if i touch her belly. The boys taps his beak on hers and bops his
    head up and down at her. I dont know for sure of she is ”pregnant” or
    not. Can someone give me some advice?????

  8. Can u guys help me thanks if you do but I have three parakeets one male two
    females but they don’t breed I have had them for two months and still

  9. does this count for Indian Ringneck Parakeets?

  10. So can you guys help me out i own 2 bungies dark green and lime green the
    lime green one is a male but the dark green one i a about 1 year old and
    the thing above her beak is pink anyone know why also the male is almost 2
    years old 

  11. Fun and interesting hobby?wtf

  12. I have two males and two females

  13. More like ‘budgies sometimes called parakeets’

  14. yes amillia you need a wooden nest box for them with a little wood shavings
    inside the box put it on the side of your cage!!

  15. Hi I have a question. So I have a male and female parakeet and they love
    each other dearly. They kiss each other constantly and one feeds the other.
    I have had them for 3 months and bought them from a pet store. In their
    cage, we got them a ladder, a swing, a calcium block, and their cage is
    nice and big. My question is about where they lay the eggs. We don’t have
    anything on the bottom of the cage except newspaper that is under the cage.
    Do the birds lay their eggs on the bottom of the cage cause I think they
    would fall through the bottom of the cage? Do we have to make a nest for
    them and how would I go about doing that? I would appreciate any advice you
    can give me. Thank you

  16. mine did so just give it time….. ( took about a year or two but they did
    i think age wise to)

  17. Nice information. I would like to use it at my site HobbyTribe (com). If
    not possible, please let me know. Thanks Vitor

  18. Budgies. Not parakeets, budgies.

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