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HOW TO: Best DIY Aquarium Heater Ever!!

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  1. how do you boil water?

  2. what kind of fish was that that tried getting you through the glass?

  3. Can’t believe I just watched this 

  4. Stand up comedian, not. South end of a north bound horse, absolutely. 

  5. i didnt subscribe…

  6. That’s got to be the most retarded video ever. Totally wasted my time. You
    are the real life Rick rolled troll song

  7. and what about the rest of us who actually wanted to know how you would go
    about a diy aquarium heater?

  8. Some people can believe really it’s a diy aquarium heater video :)

  9. My Mama says I have to lay off the pot. So what’s the next best thing bro?
    Dude you are the funniest, most certifiable–but informative–person I have
    seen on the ‘Tube.

  10. funny, but not what i need!!

  11. Whoa! I’ve never heard of a pot before! Lol, great video Forrest!


  12. Thanks for teaching how to boil water XD remember kids that’s why we don’t
    have anyone caffein before making a YouTube video 😀

  13. What a friggin idiot.

  14. o boy. another great video. Ill have to get one of those things called a

  15. You are nuts, Jiff!! Love it!

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