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  1. Pipsqueak got a bit of a house remodel! We went shopping for some new
    things for his cage as well as a few things for our dogs. We love spoiling
    our pets ;)

  2. Make sure u take out the cotton stuff it’s not safe for them just FYI 

  3. He needs a bigger wheel cause heir backs will arch if they have to run on a
    small wheel 

  4. Karli arent you wearing a shirt from one of your hauls?❤I forgot wheres it
    from?I love it:)

  5. your wheel is a little bit small it will bend your hamsters back x

    lovely cage though!!

  6. You and I have the same personalities….. I wish I could meet u guys…

  7. ily Karli keep up the good work! Great video! 

  8. I do agree with other people’s concerns but can I also say that your care
    of pipsqueak is a lot better then many peoples. Your substrate is safe I’m
    sure you will replace the fluffy bedding (tangles round limbs, hamster
    chews limbs off) I love how you treat pipsqueak with respect and not a toy
    so thank you and we’ll done for having such a well raised daughter. I’m
    sure pipsqueak loves her new toys as that’s always fun :)

  9. Im Panning on getting a hamster for Christmas. Ive already done my research
    and i already know what i need. Do you have any tips?

  10. My hamster is also called pipsqueak

  11. Pipsqueak looks like a boy with long butt hair


  13. Would Our Family Nest be interested in being a speacial guest on
    MakeACollab? I send an email with the details :)

  14. You are the best I tell my freind about you never worry about hater there
    jealous I would love to be your friends im tegan

  15. I bet that dog is just loving that sweater lol

  16. Kaytee yogurt drops are really bad for any animal :

  17. When are you guys going to have a meet and greet?

  18. I have the same walk up castle but in light green!

  19. you guys are the best love you guys keep up the good work i love pipqueak
    its so cute……. You guys are the best :)

  20. How do I send letters and things to you guys?

  21. my hamsters name is pipsqueak too!

  22. Your hamster is so cute!!!!!

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