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Hamster Cuteness! (with Sumatra)

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  1. Hamster Cuteness! (with Sumatra) :)

  2. What is so fascinating about watching hamsters climbing in tubes?

  3. He’s cute that’s for sure!
    Also you have some dwarfs, are they harder to take care of than the
    Syrians? Are they more jumpy? 

  4. hamsters can have strawberries?

  5. What kind of hamsters do u have

  6. Yes! Another AWESOME video! Keep making these cute hamster videos!

  7. Oh bless! He’s such an adorable hammy, I can’t get over how beautiful his
    coat is! :)

  8. Those OVO’s look so cool and fun!!! GAH I gotta get a set X3

  9. I love hamsters to

  10. Hi hopping hammy I love your videos I want to upload a video my self but I
    don’t know how you make does words on you videos please tell me 

  11. He looks so silky soft 😀 Is he soft

  12. Look at you so proud of your little strawberry! What a darling! <3

  13. What kind of hamster is Sumatra? :)

  14. She is adorable:) 🙂 <3 i would also like to ask you what breed of hamster
    would be could to start of with?

  15. Hi I love my hamster but she sometimes stops moving, puts back her ears,
    and I can pick her up and she will stay in the same position. What do I

  16. What kind of hamster is Sumatra?

  17. Looks just like my Nugget, what a sweetie :3

  18. Oh my..
    I love his color. and How he has a tiny white beard XD

  19. This makes me want to go and play with Sydney but she is asleep and will be
    for a couple more hours still 🙂 Sumatra is really cute :)

  20. Can you please please please do more tooooooooooooooooooobe action?

  21. What a sweetheart <3 his coat is absolutely gorgeous! -Lucie <3

  22. Sumatra looks like a little worm in his tubes :)

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