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Grooming Long Haired Syrian Hamsters

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  1. Stilllllll waiting for our internet to be installed, Zzz…. In the
    meantime I hope you guys enjoy this video, although I’ve not been able to
    read comment I remember a few weeks ago some of you were asking about
    grooming long haired Syrians so I hope this video answers your questions!

  2. My new hamster isn’t a long haired Syrian, or short haired but I don’t know
    if I should brush her too.

  3. Can somebody please tell me where to get sand baths at?
    I have looked around petsmart and petsuppliesplus plus but they only have
    dust. Please help!

  4. I had to cut my hamsters skirt as he would get bedding tangled into his
    hair. After I cut his hair he looks like a baby again so it was a win win

  5. Great video Erin! Einstein is such a cutie, he was so cooperative for the
    video 🙂 Also, I love the new hair!

  6. Am I the only one that was just watching the cat?

  7. Show hamsters? No way! Didn’t know that was a thing hahaha 

  8. Can i go to the beach and get sand?

  9. Can hamster eat Tina and I used a toothbrush to groom him gently and he
    turned around a bit it lol Him=teddie my hammy

  10. My hamster has a long coat of hair and is it ok to cut it?

  11. Two days ago I got as dwarf hamster. And I got a cage that has a tube that
    leads up to a little place where he could sleep if he wanted to. And also
    there is a type of swirley slide that has little things so he could climb
    up it and it leads up to a wheel. So far he will refuse to go up or down
    the tube but he will go up the slide but when he is almost at the top he
    will jump of. How do you train them to go into wheels and how to train them
    to go up and down tubes?

  12. I used to have a hamster and i used a finger rubber brush. it was supposed
    to be a dog tooth brush though it was a little small for my dog though
    perfect size for my syrian.

  13. My long haired Syrian Hamster Bailey, recently passed away ;( I miss her.

  14. Bertie in the back round i love that

  15. Even though I don’t have a hamster, I love watching these videos!!! Ps love
    ur hair

  16. I switched to care fresh because i couldnt stand the aspen shavings getting
    stuck my syrians long hair. And I think he likes it better cause i find it
    in his bed. 🙂 

  17. My hamster pudding had super long hair so this was super helpful! :D

  18. Hi Erin I am getting a robo hamster but I am not sure if I should get a
    female or male do you have any preference, advice? Thanks 

  19. You are Awsome 🙂 I really do appreciate all the advice you give and I
    learn so much from your videos. 

  20. I got a finger brush for £1 at poundstreached

  21. I actually have that rubber brush in green. I got it at Pets At Home (UK).

  22. You are providing us with a lot of good informations, keep making those
    hamster videos, because im just geting one soon :)

  23. My mom bought my gerbils a water bottle but she bought a big one that is
    for rats and guinea pigs, can my gerbils use it or is it too big?

  24. Hi Erin, I have a 5 month old Syrian hamster and have had him since the end
    of September however everytime we pick him up he tries to jump out of our
    hands and twice before last year when we picked him up he hissed, so we do
    not really take him out of the cage!Do you have any suggestions ?

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