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Grooming English Angora Rabbits for show and fiber

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  1. the rabbit looks like he’s enjoying the funny

  2. Wonderful video! I don’t have bunnies, but I’ve taken away a lot of really
    helpful techniques to use on my Persian show cats

  3. I acquired an English angora from a woman who had no knowledge about the
    breed and didn’t care to become educated. I am new to them myself but now
    need EXTRA help. She is severely matted and I don’t imagine she’s ever been
    groomed and is HATING the notion. tips for grooming a fearful angora???

  4. This bunny is amazing his ears look like Pom Poms x 

  5. Thank you for taking the time to record and post this. Truly most helpful.

  6. Does anyone know if rabbit wool is a 4h project (the colorado 4h website

  7. The whole time you were blowing, the rabbit was just walking around like it
    didn’t notice, I can imagine it thinking “Ooh! table!”

  8. I wish i had a fluffy bunny like that 🙂 awww

  9. Beautiful. Looks like he’s enjoying that blow dry in the beginning.

  10. This is a wonderful video. Thank you!

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