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Fish Tanks & Aquarium Maintenance : How to Set Up a Fish Tank Heater

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  1. Did you cut off the video? looks like it

  2. And fighters, Barbs, Catfish, Rainbow fish, Gourami’s, Some Cichlids. Most
    fish you can buy that arn’t goldfissh, need heaters! Expert village and
    eHow are useless in providing the info you really want, they allways fall

  3. woah how come near the begining the redtail sharks front fins were red ?
    tht so cool please reply

  4. what…was that? i didn’t see anything. she said SHOW didn’t she?

  5. did not work ! -_- i followed steps for nothing

  6. What I dont like about these videos is that they don’t actually demonstrate

  7. how much it cost me monthly if i have 200 watt fish heater… if someone
    plz tell me…

  8. @TrueSplash not redtail shark it was a rainbow shark

  9. Hi can any body tell me should I sink my heatre all the way down in to the
    water or leave the top up I mean where the wiers are.

  10. @dimpleislam 6dollars and 53 cents

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