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Fabulous Craft Review : The Dog Bed | Plus LPS Blind Bags

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  2. Thanks for watching!! Happy Crafting!

  3. It’s nice to see adults act a little childish once in a while. . . XD

  4. I think that myfroggystuff is the person that made this video anyways

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    watch our Fabulous Craft Review XD … Fabulous Craft Review Doll Prom

  6. Can you do more dog stuff

  7. Love when u magically
    Guessed the bunny. Totally shocking! Lol

  8. Four minutes ago!!!!

  9. ok so loving this project!!

  10. Can u make me 6in different colours please 

  11. I think my sister like to do this DIY her pet looks comfy ! he he he he

  12. Whoa how did u guess that?!

  13. i make this for the my puppy in real life and it went out fab thanx and my
    dog loves it

  14. Could you pleas do a horse wash stall or a horse bridle pleas just somthing
    with horses I have so many breyers and running out of briddle sand stalls
    and other stuff…. Pleas help me!

  15. This is soooo cool! Thank you for making it. You are such an awesome LPS
    guesser too!!

  16. Can you send me the green one plz

  17. Your amazing at making crafts. how do u think of the crafts

  18. Can you make a dance floor?

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