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Dog Training Collars & Harnesses : Fitting a Prong Dog Collar

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  1. Thank you for posting this. The last thing I wanna do is misuse this
    training tool.

  2. Shame on you for showing this!

  3. @Shanowl01 Children are not dogs and our dogs are not our children. Dogs
    are decendents of wolves and the prong collar mimics the bite a pack
    leader, mother dog or even puppies would use when establishing dominance or
    correcting unwanted behavior.

  4. Thumbs up for proper fit , to many dumb trainer put the spikes on the
    trachea and the ring on the dogs back neck

  5. Why don’t you use it on yourself ???? hate them and they are in these times
    not needed with the much improved training tecniques today.If you had
    children…would you use it on them ???

  6. To everyone using a prong collar or choke chain: Try a front clip harness!
    It worked so well on my dog! And no pinching or choking involved!

  7. Prong collar is too tight, and you praised the dog for pulling back when
    you were trying to put on. No, wait — that was most likely intentional to
    prove how the dog was afraid of the prong collar.

  8. I have an 80lbs Doberman who is intact and 18 months old and I only used
    Positive Reinforcement training and a flat collar on him and he is happy,
    compliant and consistent. Don’t say it’s the ONLY way to control a dog
    because that is a lie!

  9. Shanowl01: Ama use it on you every time you say something stupid i bet by
    the time I’m done with you you’ll be a honor student lol
    bitch………….Anyways my friend is a dog trainer and she use’s the
    prong collar on pits rottweilers and a lot of big dogs and to my surprise
    they are really cool extremely effective and i rather use a prong collar as
    opposed to the nicer looking choke collar….the prong collars are crazy
    looking but more humane than most other training collars

  10. @pitbrand: it happend lol 🙂

  11. The point of these collars is to teach them what not to do. Dogs play bite
    each other around the neck all the time, and teeth are much sharper than
    these prongs, so it’s not like it hurts that bad. When you have a 70 pound
    doberman that is still in his puppy stage, this is about the only way to
    teach them how to stay under control. It’s a bit of a poke, but much better
    than choke chains. Constant jerking of those will damage the trachea. What
    else can you do? Make the dog read a book? ha

  12. Thumbs up to you for also knowing. 🙂 Like you said, too many “trainers”
    and dog owners not fitting the collar right. People act like there’s “more
    than one way is right” when thats not true. I tell people, it’s either on
    right or wrong, simple. Then they get all mad at me. Another person told me
    how you have to meet the dog to know how to fit the collar. I said no, it’s
    a picture and all you need to do is see if it’s right or not. so many dumb
    people nowadays.

  13. If u cant train or hold your dog then get a chiuaua. I hate people who want
    a big dog, and give them stupid collars cus they cant control them. Shame
    on u. I have a strong dog and I have 100% control of her. Please, theres
    other ways to get the dog behave.. ‘:/

  14. I fill to believe that its not a dog and his best friend out for a walk but
    a master and slave, like if a slave does something wrong they get punish.
    this isn’t right to me,I think you should just try to correct the problem a
    different way, try teaching your dog heel i hear its really affective and
    it is extremely safe for the dog. I’m not trying to tell people what to do
    are anything I’m just basing my opinion.

  15. thats correct 😉 and this is just for a short period of time 🙂 dog will
    learn 🙂

  16. Very true also. 🙂

  17. Is he exercised enough?

  18. Dogs want and need to learn. In the pack this learning is done through the
    pack mentality of dominance and there is biting of the neck to give
    correction at times. The prong collar when used properly works on this same

  19. how do you make the prongs stay on my prongs fall of

  20. Very safe and useful collar if used correctly. Some people don’t have a

  21. funny u say that but if u got a dog as big and strong as mine i wanna see u
    controll him on a normal leash and collar

  22. Yes, then you should try weaning the dog from it, like treats for training.
    The prong is a training collar tool.

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