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DIY Mini Dog / Cat Bed | Super EASY | ANNEORSHINE

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  1. A Doggy DIY by popular demand! New Video!! Get in the UNDER 301 CLUB!

  2. lol someone told me you had copied my diy video that I did on this (i think
    yours is more detailed) and this has been on pinterest for ever!!!! .. but
    i love how yours came out!!! and we all think alike these diys are soo cute
    for our lovely fur babies!!!! 

  3. OMGosh! Perfect for Braidy! I know Kamri would love to make him one! xoxo

  4. Super cute i just wish my dog would fit in that lol 

  5. love it!!! and Harley is such a cutie puff ^_^

  6. Can you do diy storage and organization ideas with things boxes/oatmeal
    containers or just storsge/organization diys in general?

  7. bethany mota literally just did this diy lol

  8. So cool! I make this to! I have 4 dogs. This is so amazing!

  9. I saw this on Pinterest, it looked so complicated. And after watching this
    video, making this dog bed makes it look a lot easier. Thank you :)

  10. Ooohhh Ann can you make doggy treats??

  11. I absolutely love Harley the Poof

  12. The bed is…poofect!

  13. Great job! Perfect for me because in a few months, I am going to get a

  14. how cute is your dog! what a coincidence, my dog is a pomeranian and is
    named harley also! haha!! 

  15. omgggg Harley loves the bed!! 

  16. Harley is such a poof! This’ll be perfect for my cat Memo (short for
    Memory) and I’m positive hell love it, I’ve been really getting into DIY
    stuff and I have a bunch of plans for this stuff.

  17. Definitely doing this! I have a (fat) pom/shitzu mix and we can never find
    a decent bed for him. Here’s hoping he can actually get up on it (so fat)

  18. Can you plsss make some simple, easy, healthy dog treats!!

  19. awwwww sooo sooo cuuuuutte

  20. So.. I have a Bull Terrier.. I need a big wood crate xD

  21. Omg this is the cuttet thing I have ever seen!

  22. Your pup is soooo cute!

  23. My Gucci (Boston Terrier) would love this bed, think I will be making her
    one! Your Harley is so adorable :)

  24. I wonder if I can make this for my cat. Either way, it looks cute and easy.

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