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CRAZY Hamster Found In House!

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  1. Wow im watching this in 2015 2007 WOW! thats long time ago anyways i was
    born in 2004

  2. I remember watching these old videos when I was 7. Crazy how much has

  3. I didn’t know Toby cussed like that

  4. I miss this Toby. The first person I subscribed to on YouTube way back
    then. I remember the day this video came out, and for whatever reason I
    thought it was the funniest shit in the world and couldn’t stop watching
    it. I really wish kids hadn’t latched onto his channel, otherwise we’d
    still have stuff like this.

  5. .omg the devil!666k veiws

  6. Like this comment if you had a hamster since all hamsters are related

  7. O MI gosh it’s the food from advanced warfare withe he as d phones

  8. Hamsters can’t have that kind of cheese! Hamsters eat a carrot as a snack!
    He won’t be full for days!

  9. did you ever find it??

  10. Lolololololololololololol I have 3 hamsters

  11. Lol coming back to his old videos in 2015

  12. Oh my god I laughed so hard I started to cry

  13. I gatta say swearing Toby is a lot better than Toby today

  14. i thought they’re gonna call swatawatataa xD!

  15. omg vintage Toby is hilarious and so different

  16. I never new u cursed

  17. You had a mustache back in 2007?

  18. I wish I knew where you have to live to get things like free hamsters I
    live in Arizona with free lizards and geckos instead

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