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Collar Or Harness for your dog? FAN FRIDAY #66

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  1. My birthday is August 3

  2. Shelby always right in your face breathing happy like hi 😀 im here i love
    my boss 

  3. Yeah, my dog does too! Yeah, my dog does well in the car sometimes but he
    just gets a little anxious in the car when were almost home 😉

  4. I remember the first time driving to germany with my dog, she chewed on her
    bottle to get water. That smart ass ;P

  5. @Sohoski You walk them around in grass at gas stations and stuff I have
    very well trained dogs they have held it for 13 hours once we where at a
    family reunion not to long ago haha they are great.

  6. @roccop913 So true lol

  7. @Troyju2006 Actaully they are just smarter than the people cause in their
    mind hum do something for a little food nope but most if you get them amped
    up with a toy and only give the toy when it’s play time cause then it’s
    special then that works great.

  8. @Dutchandstuff Um I say the best dog for small dog you feed less food and
    get a great quality food like evo or nutro or taste of the wild but no
    purina cause they use euthanize pets but that would be a mini pinscher but
    a medium size would be a novia

  9. Same here! And it won’t be so hot!

  10. Yea my note was on the video 😀 ~Sunshine

  11. @ the comment about as long as you like fur all over the
    place..cough..cough…Huskys blow there coats 1 or 2 times a year!Besides
    those times they shed hardly at ALL!!!!!

  12. I cant wait for the winter time when your girls go sledding. I love
    watching them pull sleds 🙂

  13. Mine sunbaths here in the south on our deck for about 15 min

  14. Thanks for making me smile today have you seen the new picture that I have
    made it’s a dinosaur I did a video on it it supposed to be a longneck

  15. husky pups always do that, only way to get her back in would be to have a
    treat on the side for when you get back in, you have to get her excited in
    something thats inside, not always easy but if its something familiar like
    a usual treat should work.

  16. I won’t! I have to much fun doing it!

  17. And she barks to low flying hot airballoons.

  18. As long as you’re okay with a ton of fur being all over your house,
    clothing and car.

  19. lol I LOVE the look on Shelby’s face she always makes me laugh so hard. I
    am sending something for you guys and something for the girls a toy I hope
    they like and I think they will really like it especially Shelby with her
    high prey drive I am just waiting for it to arrive from Amazon and this
    time I better get my order. I cant wait till they see it lol

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