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Choosing the Right Bedding For Your Pet Rabbit

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  1. So paper bedding is okay to use for rabbits? I just bought some today for
    my rabbits cage and I’m worried she may eat it.

  2. She didnt talk about fleece…?

  3. My bunny personally prefers to have corn cob in his litter box and either
    newspaper laid down or paper bedding throughout the rest of the cage (I try
    to do both, then I’m using the bedding less for absorbency and more for his
    comfort and don’t need to use as much) I like to put a small layer of hay
    under the corn cob in his litter box. That way there’s a bit more
    absorbency, as I know corn cob isn’t as absorbent, but it’s what my bunny

  4. ♥carefresh♥ is the best hcoice

  5. If you buy yestuardays news you should buy the cat yestuardays news because
    it is the exact same thing as the rabbit one and its cheeper for larger

  6. should you still put news paper under the whole cage bedding and hay even
    if they are litter trained and only go to washroom in their litter box?
    havent got rabbit yet but have the cage and hay and hay and not all
    supplies yet just want to look ahead and know.

  7. “Little Bunny” Original….

  8. used just for eating purposes. do not use kitty litter because of the
    chemicals. i have had rabbits for nine years and pine is the way to go to
    line the pan and then just put timothy hay in the cage for them to eat.

  9. Bunnies do need bedding to sleep on, They do not like sleeping on something
    that will poke into their skin.

  10. Y’all are you freakin stupid bedding is not good for rabbits !!!

  11. Do u onley have to us Timothy hay ?

  12. i like it why has nobody else commented and there is only 410 views mean
    people i love it xx

  13. on most points you are correct do not use cedar no matter what the bag says
    when it comes in contact with ammonia it causes respiratory issues. pine is
    fine always and is the cheapest most efficient way. Don’t use the fluffy
    pulp stuff it is prone to causing blockages in the intestines of rabbits
    killing them. news paper is not only messy and hardly effective but the ink
    is bad for them if they eat it same with the paper lots of harmful
    chemicals. timothy hay isnt very absorbent and is best

  14. These videos are so helpful thank you!

  15. @PetFoodDirect Um… my question is: Is it true that paper bedding is bad
    for your rabbit’s health? TYhank you :)!

  16. these are so helpful

  17. @l0vablelinda The depth of the bedding can vary depending on your rabbit,
    the size of the cage and whether or not the rabbit has access to move
    outside the cage. Rabbits will select one corner where they do most of
    their urination. You can line that section with a few layers of newspaper
    then cover the whole cage surface with 1-3″ of bedding.

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