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cat in the dog bed

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  1. Котоунижение

  2. So cute..I love dog♥

  3. You shall not pass, Dog!

  4. ooooh.. omg.. thats so sweet. and omg.. the dog knows. The dog knows how is
    the boss in the house. Thats just amazing and also amazing to see that the
    dog is so kind to the cat. Thank you so much for the video. I just LOVE it

  5. Very cute. Cats are so bossy! Poor doggy.

  6. Well…at least this video was good starter for a popular vid compilation!!

  7. Dogs are so sweet. Cat gave no fucks, at all, lol. Did that cat even

  8. I’m venturing onto G+ and posting a cat video, two unusual activities for
    me. All for +Edward Eigerman 

  9. Dog: FML
    Cat: Boss

  10. FYI Huffington Post is making bank off your video.

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