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Buying My Hamster | Picking out Bibbles

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  1. Did any one see the climbing hamster lol it was wiggling

  2. im like dieing for a hamster and im so close to getting one but my parents
    are always so busy. They dont mind spending money i mean i only wanted a
    fairly average cage but my dad told me to take one of those big aquarims
    that cost like 70 dollars. The problem is my mom doesnt understand that
    hamsters arent mice. Also about the smell they think they’ll smell terrible
    and stink our whole house. what do i do?

  3. you are girl or boy?

  4. Russian, Syrian, whatever. I get mine from Hamsterdam.

  5. Did anyone else see the hamster climbing on the walls of the tank in the
    back ground?! XD

  6. MY FRICKING PETSMART!!! THATS MY PETSMART where i bought my dead baby boy!
    my cute Mr.Chips! why did you have to go! SOMEONE HELP!!!!!

    have 2 of them i have one of my own her name is minnie and my brother has
    one because he got jelouse of me! and her name is sqweekers!! theyre both
    russian dwarf hampsters theyre soo cute

  8. the lady says “enjoy” like hamsters are toys.

  9. Idk if this ever happened when bibbles was alive but female bleed from
    they’re vaginas when they are in heat if you pet them

  10. I would have went for the climbing one but that’s just me

  11. Hello I have a hammie named Bibbles, when I wanted one I watched this video
    and this video helped me name my hammie named Bibbles 

  12. Will hamsters Petsmart live? I’ve heard some pretty bad things about
    hamsters purchased from Petsmart and I would like to know because tomorrow
    I might consider buying a hamster!

  13. woah, woah, woah my hamsters name is Bibbles, I got him in Toronto, who the
    heck do you think you are? lol jk but still I got my eyes on

  14. Guys the reason why the hamsters were crawling on the wall is because they
    were trying to escape, honestly I know they can bite when scared but at
    least let them have bars because it’s not fair on the hamsters struggling
    to climb and escape.

  15. Looks like you get the Best Happy meal XD

  16. i though hamstrs were like 250 dolloars but there
    11.99……………………… wow im getting one for my all A’s im so

  17. I’m geting a hamster too 

  18. The giant log is for bunnies and guinea pigs and the mini wheel is for

  19. were du you leave and were du you buy the hamster

  20. So many mistakes….

  21. 1:23 was that hamster climbing the walls?

  22. i got my hamster in september or something like that and his name is
    smores. and btw love your videos and channle

  23. Silly hamster was climbing:3

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