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Bird preening cats whiskers

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  1. Massive thank you to all you lovely people who comment, like and share my
    video. It makes me feel really proud of my animals! Thanks again! Love you
    all xx

  2. Hey Everyone, thank you all for watching this video of my beloved pets 🙂 I
    uploaded a recent video of Marley and Tiko enjoying each others company, if
    you would like to see it please click this link Bird annoying cat

    Thanks again :)

  3. 0:15 That bird is so cute! Loved how she chirped when you said “Molly.” ^_^

  4. That cat is so tolerant :O
    Has the cat know the bird since it was a kitten? And how did you introduce

  5. I have had many good birds. But I have only had 1 cat that calm around
    them! I love this video! :)

  6. So many butthurt PETA members crying over how she called the cat stupid,
    lol get over it

  7. YouTube에서 이 동영상을 확인하세요.

  8. The cats not stupid

  9. not stupid, just well fed and bored.

  10. My cat would have made that bird her dinner,! nice animals u have!

  11. Like peas and carrots.


  13. Why did you said your cat is being stupid. YOU are stupid not him 

  14. my cats are scared of my bird now thats stupid

  15. This may look “cute”, but it is very dangerous to mix prey (bird) and
    predator (cat), Even if THIS cat doesn’t scratch or bite THIS bird, it is
    NOT worth the danger to the bird. Not only that, but cats self-groom, which
    means their saliva is all over their whiskers, body, feet, head—and that
    saliva contains bacteria that can be deadly to a bird. NOT WORTH IT, FOLKS!

  16. Kitty love his birdy!!!

  17. So calling an animal “stupid” is animal abuse now?
    What has this world come to?

  18. It is a cats instinct to pray on smaller animals and birds. Even if the
    cat lost that instinct, it could hurt or kill the bird accidently. The cat
    could squish the bird by rolling on him. The bird weighs only 3 ounces,
    the cat is a giant compared to the bird at 10+ pounds.

  19. Though your cat is extremely tolerant, consider that birds have no natural
    immunity to cat or dog bacteria. If your cat were even to scratch your
    bird by mistake, he could die from the infection. 

  20. absolutely adorable! made my day to see this! :)

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