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Better Homes and Gardens – Decorating: how to make a dog bed

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  1. How to make a dig pet bed:

    Step 1:
    Get a box.


  2. Beautiful bed, my dogs would love it

  3. Woow ! Soo creative

  4. This is beyond cute!! Im so doing this for my pup!!

  5. And who said Blondes are dumb

  6. I made this exact same bed for my poodle! She is a white standard poodle
    and I have everything for her!

  7. I wish you make 1 for boy dog

  8. Looks like minnie mouses bed

  9. im ganna try this!!! thank you!! bella will like it

  10. can you do another puppy bed without an old table

  11. Eh, comfort first, appearance second. It’s too small, in my opinion.

  12. I wanna make this for my kitten NIALL but sadly i need the furniture i have
    everything here at my house but the FURNITUREEEE

  13. Nice! This reminds me of my cat Sebastian who would always sleep in my
    American Girl doll’s bed :3

  14. u picked up some what? nothing in the description box i hate when videos
    are edited to go to fast. it coulda been a 7 min video. if only all the
    products used and mentioned were in the description below. what are those
    things called she places to make the bed higher? anybody? she said it to
    fast nor labeled it in the description box either 

  15. Wow ur really good aT this do u have anymore videos because i think may try
    this at home 

  16. I want to make a bed for my pitbull but can’t find one tutorial for a bed
    big enough 

  17. Wow,wow and wow i can’t say wow enough

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