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Best Litter Material for a Rabbit | Pet Rabbits

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  1. The rabbit in this video is HUGE. Wow.

    Surprised aspen wasn’t mentioned. That’s my litter of choice. It smells
    nice, it’s cheap, plus it’s safe for rabbits and has no aromatic phenols
    (unlike pine/cedar). I keep my rabbit’s hay in a rack next to her litter

  2. My rabbit has a big like neck or throat. Can anyone tell me why and also
    tell me if its good or bad ASAP please

  3. Wait… so I am foing a bunch of research on rabbits because I am looking
    to adopt one next year. For the hay in the litter box, is that good? I see
    they recommend it here, but they are peeing and pooping on it and eating
    it. So does the rabbit know if it is clean hay or dirty hay? Or do they
    just eat it and it’s not a big deal beacuse it gets changed often anyway?
    Am I making sense? Lol. If I use hay for a litter box, will it definetly be
    okay for my rabbit that hay? Even though they do their buisness in it.

  4. I use a cardboard like material as her litter that I buy from Wal-Mart. Is
    that okay for my bunny? I’m not sure of her breed, or how old she is. I got
    her from a friend and I’m learning to care for her as I go. These videos
    have helped me a lot because her nails are very long, and I didn’t know how
    or what to use to cut them. The press press clip technique is great. My
    husband says he knows what he’s doing when it comes to rabbits, but he has
    said a few things that were knocked down by the bunny lady in these videos.
    He picks up our rabbit with her feet on his hand and his hand under her
    chest. Not completely wrong, but I thibk my husband is going about caring
    for our rabbit like me, except I’m doing all the research. She’s a loveable
    rabbit. But I do have a question, Can rabbits be only comfortable with one
    person? Since I’m home with her a lot since I’m pregnant, I spend a lot
    more time with her then he does. This is his rabbit, but she seems skiddish
    of him. How do I remedy this?

  5. New bunny owner and these videos are extremely helpful! Love these ladies.

  6. Can care fresh be used?

  7. I’m thinking of putting a hay box a little on top of my bunnys litter box
    which would then be filled with carefresh. Would tht work? 


  9. I dont use hay, because my rabbit has a lot of fur on her butt and the hay
    gets stuck to it and then when she starts running and jumping and the hay
    falls off and makes a mess on the house

  10. I might be getting a mini lop soon, is there anything about the breed I
    should know about that’s different from other breeds of rabbit?

  11. Pine shavings work the best. You have to beware of the compressed wood
    pellets and carefresh stuff, it is known to cause blockages in the
    digestive tract which can lead to death. If they dont have a wire bottom
    for their cage you shouldnt use that stuff. Pine shavings are kiln dried
    which takes out the oils that cause resp issues in other types of shavings
    like cedar. They are super absorbant, safe to eat, smell good, and
    comfortable for the rabbit. It is a win from all angles. Plus it runs about
    5$ for a huge bag of it at a feed store. 

  12. How about grass? Can I mow my lawn and use that grass?

  13. i use back 2 nature litter for my bunnies

  14. we dont have a hay can i only put a newspaper? is that okay for a rabbit?

  15. what bedding is best to use?

  16. So eating hay with urine on it, won’t hurt the rabbits?

  17. If i use hay, wont my rabbit eat the urine infested hay?

  18. Where do you get all the different rabbits?

  19. i use hay and pellets

  20. Can I just use wood shavings? Its almost like sawdust.

  21. Can i use strips of paper for my bunnys bedding.

  22. There’s a type of care fresh that is lavender I think. Is that ok?
    Apparently they can eat lavender…

  23. We use wood pellets and hay to chew. And I change it every day but i dont
    wash it every single day as, I am afraid to hurt my rabbit by doing that is
    that wrong?

  24. What about CareFresh

  25. How do you potty train your bunny?

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