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Beautiful Gouldian Finches feeding

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  1. George Lincoln, I think your YouTube settings may be preventing me from
    replying to your question directly. The third blue bird is a female Cordon
    Bleu Finch. (Male Cordon Bleus are similar, but with slightly more blue
    and dark red cheek patches.)

  2. Beautiful Lady Gouldian Finches. Excellent color and confirmation!

  3. جولدن فينش طيور جميلة وألوانها متنوعة

  4. Finches are very pretty, but they’re so small and fragile looking! How long
    do they live?

  5. where the finches in australia imported because I am from there and I had
    an avery with finches

  6. جولدن فينش طيور جميلة وألوانها متنوعة

  7. They are so pretty it’s like they aren’t even real.

  8. Como saber si UN lady goldian es bebe o viejo

  9. they looks like something a 2-year-old colored in. ^_^

  10. My LG’s love watching this video…..what do you feed yours to get such
    beautiful vivid colors?

  11. hi there.i live in londoni want to buy some goldian finches do you know
    when can i buy them?can you help me ?gino 07931213579 or you

  12. BEAUTIFUL is an understatement. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Such A Beautiful Species Of Finch’s.

  14. ils sont Absolument magnifiques ! beaux en forme beaux en couleur
    …manque plus le chant et le tour est joué !!

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